Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Image result for when words fail music speaks  People sometimes ask what is hope? I say hope is what keeps you human the thought of that there is always a chance is what makes us believe we can be better and make it to the next day. Why do we believe in hope, people believe in hope as another way out sometimes we think there is no other possible way they think there is no solution at all but when you have faith in something that in fact is not their that hope is the power of will to do stuff and keep on going no matter how odd the chances are of you getting there.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ones Who Walked Away From The Omelas

Image result for the ones that walked away from omelas The ones that walked away from the omelas you may be wondering what am I talking about. In this story it's like a perfect society like if there is nothing bad in the city as in the city of omelas but its not a utopia if that is what your thinking in this society everybody lives happily except one boy or a girl they do not know they do not call him or she they think of him as a thing so his it now this boy nobody is allowed to be spoken to nicely he is to be treated badly why he is thought that if you spoke kindly to it that all the happiness will be gone. now this relates to us in modern society how people bully each other and they do not care if they hurt each other now it comes down to the few that are willing to walk away or stand up for those or that one person people who do that search for people's good and those people are related to speakers or activist their people that want the best for the society they are people who want what is best for the society now it is up to you if you want to stay and be a bully or leave and be the greater person or stay and fight for what is right and not for what is wrong we as people should be like the people that left omelas be the greater person and try to find a way out so we can be the person to say we found a way out now you can choose to be the bully or be the hero.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Remember to Say Thank You

Image result for a beautiful sunset Today I would like to talk about how can something like the 2 words "Thank You" could be so powerful a to make you happier Laura Trice explained that a thank you can make your life easier because instead of being ungrateful you could be grateful and make it easier and not hold anything back many people now and  days forget to say thank you because they forget to be grateful now why is that I think people now in days expect for people to do it instead of actually being grateful for what they do people have turned so shallow that they do not value other peoples efforts so like I said a thank you a day can change your life make you happier like people sometimes say the little things in life can make you the happiest.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Hapiness

Image result for when words fail music speaks People ask me what is your happiness? I say it is music, because music for me is what brings me happiness, and it brings  joy to me. I guess without it I would be lost, confused, and sad. I think it is bad not to be happy because happiness is important in our lives.  without happiness life would be boring, something that we are not if happiness didn't exist. That is why I don't give up on my happiness. when I feel like I am gonna give it up I say this quote "Where Words Fails, Music Speaks" this is what keeps my head up. This is my happiness and I will not give it up, because my happiness means everything to me.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Why Is there Discrimination?

Image result for brown pride art Why do stereotypes exist? Why do other humans want to feel superior than other? Let me tell you why humans like to make others feel inferior because people like making themselves better than others they like feeling like if they were at the top. Many people are being racist to blacks and Mexicans because we look different from them most white people like trump think that we are a disgrace to this country like trump classified Mexicans like rapist and homeless trash  on the streets. Its been proved that most of the homeless on the streets are white people, people who like putting other races into shame are a disgrace. People say that oh there black better keep a close look on them he might rob me no don't assume if you don't know the person because not everybody is the same what if he is a doctor or a lawyer you don't know that because your to busy misjudging that African american person. When people look at Mexicans with tattoos on their body the first thought that comes on to his mind is oh his gang related or his a criminal he might be a Yale graduate but you don't know that because you think he is gonna shoot someone or you think his gonna assault someone. People should stop discriminating on another don't judge him or her if you don't know them try to be more open minded of other people don't be so judgmental this world would be better if people would be more humble to one another.

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Image result for a party crowd I can remember the first time i went out of my comfort zone was when I first sang in public was in my elementary school choir that i was very embarrassed because it was going to be my first solo every I was in 3rd grade. My singing teacher tried so hard to tell me i was capable of doing it she said i had a beautiful voice she said that I had the choice she said if i didn't want to do it then I don't have to do it but it was up to me later that day I discussed  it with my mom she said she really wanted me to preform because she wanted to hear me and I was like okay the next day I told my teacher said she was happy because she knew i would end up saying yeah. To me that day was very nerve racking I ended up doing well that day I learned that if you don't step out your comfort zone you won't realize your true potential until you have really tried it then that's wen you know how good you really are. Since then I can preform in front of people and speak without having fears you have to conquer your fears to know what they really were. Sometimes you have to step up and let people know that your up to the challenge to let them know how brave and how much you believe in your own self. My mom and dad taught me something I will never forget is to believe in yourself because if you cant then who can you need to be your own fan to let everyone know what you accomplished by yourself you just need to believe in yourself don't let no one take your dreams away from you.

My life as a reader

Image result for picture of a bookI Can remember the first time I picked up a book was wen I was 5 and I was in preschool i started reading about curious George my kindergarten teacher was amazed of how much I loved to read when i was a kid. When i was in third grade i finished the whole harry potter collection of books it was fantastic knowing what was going on in the book because at the moment I felt like i was in there with them fighting against evil. My mom always told me if you ever want to live more than just one life to read because you can live many more you can live like one of the characters in the book you can be who ever you wanna be. when i reached the 6th grade I finished reading the books of the twilight saga I use to love those books to be honest I use to love to read now books seem so boring like if reading has become a waste of time I don't know why I stopped hopefully one day i regain the love to read that one day I lost. I encourage teens to read because reading lets you be so many things and inspires young people like us because it helps to space out into another world besides reality.